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New components reduce device cost by up to 50%

July 28, 2023
Microfluidic devices with integrated components in a well-plate adapter.
Microfluidic devices with integrated components in a well-plate adapter.

Anyone who has connected a microfluidic chip to an external pump or sensor has inevitably experienced the pain caused by leaks, clogs, and failures of tubing interfaces. At Parallel, we developed a system to solve these challenges by integrating tubing ports and other components directly into microfluidic devices. However, when designs contain ten components or more, the cost of component integration becomes a major contributor to the total cost of a project.

We are happy to announce that we have re-engineered our modular component system from the ground up! The new process is so much improved that we can reduce the cost of some designs by up to 50%. It creates strong, adhesive-free connections in the same thermoplastic material as your fluidic layer for maximum chemical and biological compatibility without the risk of generating particulate. 


¼-28 port

Luer-lock port

250 µL reservoir

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