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How to design a microfluidic device in Solidworks

How to design a microfluidic device in Solidworks
Joshua Gomes
A step by step video tutorial that demonstrates how to create a 3D CAD model of microfluidic device using Solidworks.

3D CAD is the best tool to digitally capture your microfluidic design concept and convey information to manufacturers. Solidworks is one of the most commonly used and powerful options available but has a learning curve for users that aren’t familiar with 3D CAD. By starting with a good plan and using some helpful resources, we can quickly go from a sketch on paper to a CAD model that is ready for rapid manufacturing.

In this video tutorial we will demonstrate how to:

  • Lay out an initial schematic
  • Start your design with a “core format” template file
  • Plan for and incorporate components in your design
  • Use basic CAD techniques to create channels and microfeatures
  • Submit your CAD model for quote

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