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MV-1 Embedded Microvalve

The MV-1 is an embedded on/off valve used to automate microfluidic functions such as priming, mixing, and timing of fluidic events. The valve is actuated using externally supplied air pressure via a channel on the microfluidic chip. Performance benefits of the MV-1 include optical clarity, solvent resistance, fast switching times, reliable sealing, and the ability to traffic small particles without fouling. Multiple valves can be attached to a single microfluidic chip for either simultaneous or independent control.

Product information
Model ID


Overall dimensions

4.5 x 4.5 x 1.5 mm

Body material options


Wetted material

COC elastomer

Default position

Normally open

Total internal volume *

1.3 µl

Actuation displacement volume

~.5 µl

Actuation method

Externally applied air pressure

Actuation pressure

175 kPa for liquid pressures up to 70 kPa 

350 kPa for liquid pressures between 70-200 kPa

Compatible media

Aqueous solutions, polar organic solvents, acids and bases, fluorinated oils and surfactants

Device assembly method

Laser welded

Performance specifications
Response time **

< 15 ms

Maximum compatible particle size

100 µm

Maximum operating temperature

45 °C

Expected lifetime

> 1 x 106 cycles

* Reported internal volume includes all wetted features including the fluidic inlet and outlet

** Response time may be limited by the solenoid valve used to supply actuation pressure

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